One who has ever experienced a red stain on the carpet knows how difficult it is to erase or eliminate.

Whether it is natural or synthetic both the stains are dubious. The best way to get rid of red stains or lessen its effect is by removing the spills as early as possible once you notice them on your carpet, otherwise, it can be a troublesome task.

To begin with the cleaning process, you need to figure out the type of stain whether it is synthetic or natural. After identifying the type of red stain, you can easily accustom your cleaning method or approach.

Synthetic Red stains

Out of the different stains in this type, red Kool-Aid is on the top of the list, which will jump to mind. This type of red stain is difficult to handle because of all color agents. Items that fall under this category include lipstick, cough medicines, juices, and nail paint.

To remove the synthetic red stain, you can make use of reducing agents that contains elements like sodium metabisulfite and more. Apply the reducer to the affected area only after reading the instructions from the manufacturer’s page. You will come to know about the appropriate time period for which it should be left on the stain before being washed. The process and results can be further achieved by using a damp towel and steam. You can use iron or wallpaper steamer for this purpose. Take proper precautions for keeping the actual color of the carpet as it is.

The reducer will abolish almost all types of the red stain. Any stain if left can be easily removed through rinsing. We always try to have practical expectations when we talk about stains. If it has been on the carpet since long or the chemicals are already tested on it, then the results may get fluctuated.

Natural stains

The organic red stain from the items like Red wine, tomato-based spills, cherry, juices and other all comes under natural red stains.

To remove stains of such organic items, you can use hydrogen peroxide which acts as an oxidizing agent. We want to mention here that follow the instructions as per given on the manufacturer’s page while mixing the oxidizing agent.

Apply the agent on the affected area and clean with a damp towel and steam as you do for synthetic stains. Don’t use excessive heat with an agent, otherwise, this will remove the original color of your carpet cleaning St Petersburg along with the stain.

Though removing red stains can be a cumbersome task, but with proper care and consideration, a cleaner can satisfy by beating the stain adversary.