Magnify the age of your carpet by implementing the 4 easy tips mentioned in this post. Have you recently purchased a new carpet for your home and wondering to know the steps to keep it well maintained? Well, here is a list of a few things that will help to keep your carpet look new.

  1. It is vital to use some rugs or runners above the new carpet in a high-traffic area. This will not let soiling and crushing and at the same time add colors to your home. The high-traffic areas cover couches and chairs, entryways and hallways and more.

2. Vacuuming of carpet should be done on a regular basis in a way that will remove the dirt and dust from the carpet, which can’t be easily removed once fixed. It also removes foul odor and keeps the carpet fresh without interfering and affecting its material.

3. We normally prefer using carpet powder for removing the smell from it. However, you may notice traces on it due to residue left behind. These blemishes can’t be easily traced even when you wash it next time but, after this, you will find a white or sticky film appeared on the top of it. If you prefer to use carpet powder, then use it delicately or infrequently.

4. Get your carpet cleaning done from professional carpet cleaner once in a year or two. If you keep on waiting for dirt, crushing or dust to be assembled on the carpet before actually calling the carpet professionals, then it will be unfavorable for you. By the time everything will be already damaged and you won’t revive its original condition again by any means.

According to some carpet manufacturers, it is recommended to get the carpet cleaned from the experts every 6 to 12 months even if you find no change in its look like that from a new one. Frequent cleaning of carpet helps in maintaining the look, life and protect it from dulling and crushing. You will find the spills get easily cleaned if cleaning is done after regular time intervals. You don’t find any need to buy a new carpet for long years and prevent the carpet from frazzling.

Implementing these steps will help in keeping your carpet look new and the investment, which was to be done purchasing the new carpet, can be averted.  Regular cleaning of carpet helps in sustaining the softness of the carpet and the beauty of the room.